Monday, May 3, 2010

Taking Responsibility

When I was younger, one of the earliest 'lesson' that was drilled into my head was to take responsibility. Its one wrong to break Mum's expensive Correl plate, its just another wrong to not admit to it. Owning up meant getting scolded at and punished, but that would have happened anyways. At least I would have gotten credit for being brave enough to come up.

As I grow up, I realised that owning up meant so much more. Humans will always make mistakes, we will never be perfect. Admission of your wrong, an apology and the acceptance of the necessary penance are all part and parcel of the learning processs. Otherwise, how else will we learn from our wrongs?

Having been taught this since before I could write, it still amazes me that this simple act of 'owning up' escapes some people. As we grow up, we are given more trust and responsibilities. Consequently, the magnitude of our mistakes grow. Where it was once just pulling a friend's hair or a broken plate, now it may be a wrecked car or worse still a lost life. But I steadfastly hold to the same principle.

If you have wronged someone, come up, take responsibility, accept your penance then maybe everyone can move on and start figuring out how to prevent similar episodes in the future. But pray, do not pretend nothing happened. Do not blow hot air and bluster about making loud sounds. Similarly, those in charge need not act like immature parents wading in to the fight of their children with rolled sleeves and ready punches. We are not in a playground anymore. We are all mature adults with grace, mental astuteness and most importantly, values. Some things, like a life, can never be brought back. Have respect for that.

No act done is ever without its repercussions.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

iPhones etc

Read an article today about resisting the technology of 'smartphones'. The author questioned the necessity of having such a gadget which at the end of the day, most people just use as a phone anyways.

Got me thinking.

As I look around me, more than one of my classmates own an iPhone. Several more own a similarly advanced 'smartphone'. Blackberries aren't so common, but then again, we haven't yet entered the working world and hence, a Blackberry isn't exactly the age appropriate fashion statement. iPhones are way more trendy.

Yet, do we really use all the applications on our phones?

I see the new iPhone owners clicking away on their new gadget. Engrossed. From playing games, to checking emails to reading downloaded books. It seems, if it was possible, they would fit their whole lives onto their phones. And for good reason too, considering the money they spent on them. And so, for them, all I can say is if you can afford it, go ahead.

But is it for everybody?

I will be the first to shout no. A phone is personal. Everyone uses their phone differently. Tell my Mum that she needs to get a thousand dollar touch phone and she'll smack me in the face. After all, she only uses the phone to make calls to her children and send them 'warning' texts. For her and many others of her generation that can still remember the days when using a computer meant staring at a huge screen at the university library, just the mere fact that they can make calls from a tiny device they can tout around in their bags are baffling enough. Even then, most of the time she prefers to call from our house landline, it never runs out of battery she says.

And not just the older generation. More and more nowadays I catch my friends reverting back to the early generation Nokias. The ones with no colored screen and doesn't even receive MMS. When I ask why, its more hardy they say. You can drop them in a puddle and they'll still work. We only use the phone to call & text anyways, who needs so many applications? Plus their batteries last forever. :P

Friday, March 5, 2010

Weather, are you ignorant?

"Have you picked up a newspaper recently?"

Posing this question to those around me, I was taken aback by the answer. It was hard for me to find a person in my close circle that actually read the news. Most only knew the headlines of what was happening around the world, and some didn't even know that. Stories of tragedy and strife apparently did not strike a chord in the hearts of my colleagues. And yet, deep down, I was not surprised. When your daily routine is so demanding, I cannot blame those who simply choose to dissociate from the troubles of the world. But, neither can I encourage it, much less allow myself to go down that road of oblivion.

Picking up the paper these past few weeks it seems like the world is being hit by one tragedy after another. First, the horrific earthquake shattering Haiti. Almost overnight, Port-au-Prince became a common name in news columns with reports of death tolls, stories of the hungry and homeless and the international call for aid. As the world was still reeling with the aftermath of rebuilding Haiti, last week Chile became the next country hit by a shattering earthquake. 8.8 on the Richter scale made Concepcion the next infamous city on the news. And these are only the major headlines.

Why am I writing a weather update?

Each time a tragedy strikes, especially when it strikes less developed countries, many parties promise aid and help. Millions are collected through numerous charities and yet it seems like there is a huge gap between the hand that gives and the hand that receives. Hundreds of thousands die not from the actual tragedy but from lack of food and water supply in the devastating times that follow the event. The whole situation is made even worse with stories of looting and thieving heartlessly, adding salt to an open wound. The end result is just millions of people suffering.

Even as I am shaking my head in disgust I cannot help but wonder how it would be should a similar catastrophe hit our country.

This is why I am writing.

In these uncertain times it would not do for those of us who are unaffected to merely shake our heads. We should lift our hands in prayers but more than that we should sit up and take note. Just because we were spared this time, does not mean we will forever be spared from tragedies. When they hit, what would we do? What would you do?

Will you be one of those who will risk your life to save a complete stranger?
Or will you be one of those who lie in waiting to loot a rich man's house?

It is in the times of hardship that our true color is shown. Ask yourself, what will yours be?

Ignorance is sometimes just the escape for those who are in denial of their own stupidity. Just because you refuse to see what is happening around you, doesn't mean it is not happening.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

at 21

"at 21 you are more powerful than you can ever imagine"
-Alexandra Potter

When we are young, we imagine ourselves doing the extraordinary. Don't you think its ironic that when we enter school, our ambitions range from conquering the outer space and flying jet planes to becoming prime minister and ruling a country. And yet, when we leave school, many have settled for complete mediocrity. Gone are the great ambitions, and we are left with the bored-inary wishes of becoming yet another commonplace worker in whatever field we choose to enter.

Isn't the education system suppose to inspire? Inspire thought and creativity? Spark excitement and nurture greatness?


I stop and look around, I shudder at how many people I see that are 'tired'. We are young! We should be full of zest and excitement. You should feel delighted and happy doing whatever you're doing.

Life stretches before us, full of possibilities and chances and opportunities. We have the power to do anything we want, achieve and accomplish anything we want, should we only want it. And yet, why is it that so many people seem to not want it?

I am not saying that everyone should set their goals to be the next Bill Gates or Neil Armstrong. But, on second thought, why not? Why is it that as we grow older, we settle for less and less. Who says we can't do more? Who says we can't have more? We only get to live once. This one lifetime. Why should we spend it doing what everyone else have done. Why shouldn't we aspire to be different, aspire for greatness, aspire for the extraordinary?

Don't let the everyday routine and toll of daily demands dull your sparkle. If things get difficult, pause, recharge and go at it again. I don't care if this sounds cliched. I don't care if I sound like a self-help book gone wrong. I am just writing what I believe to be true right now. Enjoy life. Set your goals. Set them high and then have fun working hard to reach it. Go through life with zest and excitement. Be curious and thankful. Be excellent.

We can conquer the this world and beyond.
Fellow youths,
We are powerful.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Whipping drinking woman?

I seldom venture to write about serious issues, but this one intrigued me.

" A Muslim woman who admitted to alcohol intake, has been sentenced to 'religious' whipping as punishment. The woman is not challenging the punishment meted out for her and is willing to undergo it. "

So now, what's the issue?

Suddenly, progressive Malaysia is confronted with this 'punishement' form that is normally heard of only in countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Even though Malaysia is a 'Islamic' country by name, by law, Islamic ruling only governs personal and family matters. This means, 'punishment' for a crime is not under 'Islamic' jurisdiction.

And so, now, there's chaos.

The public is stunned. There being no precendence and no history of such 'punishment' being meted out by the court before, the thought of a Muslim being whipped for drinking in modern Malaysia makes people's jaw drop. (Despite the fact that drinking is clearly stated as Haram in Islam, and specific punishment for drinking being outlined clearly in the Shariah).

The foreign press is having a gala time covering the story. Reading their version makes a person believe that overnight, Malaysia has turned from a friendly and welcoming 'truly Asian' nation to a frightening place- rigid and backward.

The politicians are now scrambling to do damage control. Right or wrong aside, bottom line is that 'modern' Malaysia surely cannot be seen internationally with such image. Those in power release daily statements. In their hastiness though, some have even released statements that are spurring even more controversy. (Remember, in the last general election, 5 states fell to the opposition, and one of the main members of the opposition coalition is an 'Islamic' party- with strong supporters). Certain public figures who have forgotten this, continues to say things that shouts of their Islamic ignorance and understanding of the faith.

The non-Muslims of Malaysia are also joining in the fray. Having never heard of such methods of 'punishment' and having no knowledge of the Shariah, they are now innocent bystanders of the whole fiasco. Of course, for those non-Muslims living in urban areas (try Bangsar for example), they must be even more shocked- what with more than half of club-goers being Malays and the sight of a Malay drinking being commonplace in the more 'posh' side of town.


So, where do I stand?

Islam is complete, complete in its teachings and its laws. When you pick and choose which parts you want to follow, and limit its scope, you are trying to secularize something which in essence is a way of life. And so, it gets warped.
This situation is an ideal example.
There are so many things wrong with the way this whole thing was handled that I can't even begin.
My only hope is that it doesn't become an avenue for people to misunderstand Islam and its teachings.

Ramadhan Mubarak~

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Takde masa.

Blog surf n tengok semua orang aktif mengupdate.




Aku semput r. Nak berfikir pun takde masa. Baca posts orang lain as bedtime story.. tak habis baca pun dah terlelap. Ops salah. Sebelum baca pun dah out.

bile semput, terasa nak amek solution mudah-
Get out! Apakah erti hidup kalau hidup takde masa nak berfikir.

bile dah tak semput, tersedar-
Apakah erti hidup kalau takde komitmen utk work hard and achieve something worthwhile. Nanti jadi manusia berpeleseran yang tiada tujuan in life, terbantut dgn mencari keseronokan.

okay fine.

kenapa kena jadi matang? -__-

"stand for something or you will fall for anything"

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Bile pak guard senyum bile keta lalu.

Bile lecturer senyum sebelum start mengaja.

Bile membe sama2 kongsi senyum sbb sama2 bosan dlm lecture.

Bile MakCik Kantin senyum sbb tengok lauk bertimbun kat pinggan.


antara contoh2 bende yang boleh menggembirakan hari. So, SENYUM!!! =)